VeraBond® II

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VeraBond II is a premium, high strength, nickel-chromium alloy developed with your ceramic creations in mind. VeraBond II provides a coefficient of thermal expansion designed to match traditional medium-grain porcelains like Ceramco, Noritake and many other modern ceramic powders. Its melting range provides added thermal stability during porcelain bonding to protect against sag and other mechanical deformations. VeraBond II’s combined yield strength, modulus of elasticity and elongation provides you with true type 5 mechanical properties which exceed the minimum requirements established in ISO 22674.

VeraBond II offers unique formulation benefits provided by niobium for lighter oxidation, reliable porcelain bonding and increased fluidity during casting. VeraBond II’s non-Be formulation provides you with safety and improved industrial hygiene, while exceeding your performance expectations of conventional non-Be base metal formulations.

In vitro studies prove VeraBond II is corrosion resistant and bio-compatible; the formation of a tenacious, micro-thin, passive oxidation layer provides corrosion protection. With over two decades of proven clinical service, you can prescribe VeraBond II with confidence.


Porcelain fused to metal (PFM), single units, long-span multiple unit bridgework, maryland bridge, metal sub-structure for polymer resins (acrylic & composites), full cast crowns, implant superstructures.


VeraBond II performs best with traditional medium grain porcelains: Ceramco, Spectrum, Noritake, Synspar, Shofu-halo, as well as other commercially available medium-grain porcelains.

Certified Quality System - ISOCCQ