Vera PDN® (Hard & Reg)

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Our proven Vera PDN ingots provide excellent quality and economy for your cobalt-chromium cast partial dentures. Produced with our state-of-the-art continuous casting technology, Vera PDN delivers unparalleled homogeneity and precise alloy chemistry.

Its formulation has been proven safe and enduring over decades of clinical service.

Vera PDN delivers precision castings free of inclusions, adjustable spring hardness, fracture resistant elasticity, and a brilliant luster. Masticatory forces are no match for Vera PDN’s mechanical properties. Modulus of elasticity and yield strength values prevent clinical fatigue and permanent deformation of primary structure or clasp components. Vera PDN has a balanced formulation of cobalt, chromium and molybdenum which produces a passive and tenacious protective oxide layer. This makes Vera PDN highly resistant to corrosion.

Vera PDN is excellent for torch casting or your high-frequency induction casting machine. Its cylindrical ingot design permits quick melting and reduces oxidation.

Available in both “hard” and “regular” formulations, you can choose the Vera PDN that’s right for you. The classic “hard” formulation is recognized as the industry standard and offers maximum resistance to deformation. Our “regular” formulation offers an extra touch of forgiveness when multiple adjustments may be needed. Your patients will appreciate Vera PDN’s comfort, wearability and lasting beauty. Vera PDN provides value and economy without compromise.

Removable partial denture frameworks, clasps, saddles, implant superstructures, sub-structure for polymer resins (acrylic & composites) such as non-ceramic fixed crowns and long-span multiple unit bridgework subject to very high stress.

When soldering is required for repair and or construction, use our Boron enhanced Vera PD Solder and accompanying Vera PD Flux for best results.

Certified Quality System - ISOCCQ