VeraBond® 2V

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VeraBond 2V is a premium, high strength, nickel-chromium alloy formulated for Vita and other European fine-grain porcelains. VeraBond 2V raises the industry standard and will exceed your performance expectations of typical non-Be base metal formulations.

Its special properties are the result of two intelligent additions. First, a bio-compatible 4% addition of Niobium provides oxidation control, creating a tenacious yet light oxide. In addition, Niobium provides excellent melting and casting fluidity for sharp margins and consistent castings every time. Second, a tightly controlled addition of 9% molybdenum creates high strength to offer uncommonly high resistance to thermal or clinical distortion. High yield strength and great elongation makes VeraBond 2V a winner. VeraBond 2V mechanical properties exceed industry standards by a factor of three!

Low specific gravity, excellent castability and high yield strength permit the design of light weight, thin wall copings and fine interproximal abutments. Aesthetically pleasing and comfortable restorations are now achievable like never before. VeraBond 2V... a clinically proven restoration you can prescribe with confidence.


Porcelain fused to metal (PFM), single units, long-span multiple unit bridgework, maryland bridge, metal sub-structure for polymer resins (acrylic & composites), full cast crowns, implant superstructures.


VeraBond 2V performs best with traditional fine-grain porcelains: Vita, Ivoclar-Classic, Shofu-Vintage, Duceram, Will-ceram, Finesse, as well as other commercially available fine-grain porcelains.

Certified Quality System - ISOCCQ