Vera PDI (Hard & Reg)

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Vera PDI is our premium, high strength, cobalt-chromium alloy for cast partial denture frameworks.

Vera PDI has been enhanced in two ways. First, we have elevated our raw material standards; selecting only the finest grades of electrolytic cobalt available. Secondly, Vera PDI now benefits from Aalba Dent’s proprietary continuous casting technology; yielding essentially gas free alloys, unparalleled homogeneity, and precise alloy chemistry. Aalba Dent products are verified for precise chemical quality by means of Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES). You will find Vera PDI delivers consistently perfect castings.

The Vera PDI formulation has been proven clinically safe over decades of service. It is non-tarnishing, corrosion resistant, and exhibits excellent clinical efficacy. Vera PDI’s mechanical properties exceed industry standards, allowing you to design slender cross sectional areas while exhibiting strength and elasticity. Eliminate your worries of clasp failure under constantly changing masticatory pressures.

Vera PDI is only available in our optimized cylindrical ingot, which melts easily and quickly. Vera PDI is excellent for torch casting or your high-frequency induction casting machine.

Vera PDI is available in both “hard” and “regular” formulations; the classic “hard” formulation provides maximum resistance to deformation, while the “regular” formulation allows extra forgiveness when multiple adjustments may be required.

You benefit because Vera PDI permits simple and trouble-free processing and your patients will appreciate the stability, durability and comfort.

Removable partial denture frameworks, clasps, saddles, secondary parts for combined dentures, implant superstructures, sub-structure for polymer resins such as non-ceramic fixed crowns and long-span multiple unit bridgework.


When soldering is required for repair and or construction, use our Boron enhanced Vera PD Solder and accompanying Vera PD Flux for best results.

Certified Quality System - ISOCCQ