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VeraBond is the world’s number one nickel-chromium ceramic alloy. Engineered to achieve dependable bond strength with today’s modern porcelains, VeraBond’s unique formulation is clinically proven and produces superior properties providing the attributes you need to create aesthetic restorations.

VeraBond possesses unsurpassed melting and casting fluidity for sharp, delicate margins and consistently reliable castings. The combined yield strength (838 MPa) and a hardness rating of 410 Vickers produces tremendous resistance to clinical wear and deformation. Superior mechanical strength permits the design of thin wall copings and thin interproximal connec- tions; greater strength without bulk.

A superior bond between VeraBond and porcelain leaves no dark finish lines at the margins. VeraBond exhibits oxidation control for a light, resilient oxide which remains constant during repeated firings. VeraBond offers maximum resistance to high-heat thermal distortion to protect you against potential deformation during porcelain bakes or soldering. With VeraBond, your precision castings will continue to fit, bake after bake.

With over four decades of clinical service, VeraBond has been proven to offer patients durability, comfort and safety.


Porcelain fused to metal (PFM), single units, long-span multiple unit bridgework, maryland bridge, metal sub-structure for polymer resins (acrylic & composites), full cast crowns, implant superstructures.


VeraBond performs best with traditional medium grain porcelains: Ceramco, Spectrum, Noritake, Synspar, Shofu-halo, as well as other commercially available medium-grain porcelains.

Certified Quality System - ISOCCQ