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NPG+2—a premium, base metal type 3 casting alloy with 2% gold for fixed crowns, bridges and onlays. NPG+2 provides 25% greater yield strength than the original gold alternative, NPG. This inclusion of gold in NPG+2 translates into a higher resistance to masticatory force; making NPG+2 an excellent metal sub-structure for any polymer based crown and bridge resin and all other non-ceramic crown and bridge applications.

Comparative evaluations of NPG+2 and NPG in sodium chloride static immersion tests indicate the gold addition in NPG+2 produces improved corrosion resistance. Both alloys achieve clinically acceptable corrosion protection by virtue of a firmly adhering passive oxide layer.

NPG+2 is a safe and bio-compatible alloy you can prescribe with confidence. Its formula benefits from NPG’s twenty-five years of proven clinical service. Bio-compatibility has been established by extensive in-vitro corrosion and biological studies, while clinical evaluations have confirmed the efficacy of NPG+2.

NPG+2 provides your patients with reliability, durability, value, and safety.


Non-ceramic fixed appliances, full cast crowns (FMC), single units, onlays, medium-span multiple unit bridgework, metal sub-structure for veneer crowns using polymer resins (acrylic & composites), posts and cores.


When soldering is required for repair and or construction, use only gold based brazing materials such as our 585 type Aalba Gold Solder and accompanying Aalba Flux. For improved cast performance, use only our Albral Casting Flux.

Certified Quality System - ISOCCQ