VeraSoft® ES

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The new VeraSoft ES alloy... where “ES” equals “Extra Soft”. With true type 3 properties, VeraSoft ES provides durable, effective, and clinically acceptable restorations for your patients. VeraSoft ES is CE marked and clinically approved (FDA) for all your cast metal crown and bridge restorations in non-ceramic applications.

VeraSoft ES provides a low hardness value (185 Vickers) and very high elongation (24%), far exceeding that of other base-metal alloys. This yields excellent burnishability, allowing simple fabrication and time-saving adjustments in the laboratory or chair-side with the patient. VeraSoft ES polishes to a brilliant luster and unlike precious metals, VeraSoft ES has a low thermal conductivity to protect your patients against temperature sensitivity.

VeraSoft ES ingots facilitate good induction casting properties. When torch casting VeraSoft ES, oxygen and fuel are required. VeraSoft ES also has excellent thermal stability which resists distortion during soldering procedures.

Your practice will benefit economically from VeraSoft ES’s easy handling characteristics. Save time and money with VeraSoft ES.


Non-ceramic fixed appliances, full cast crowns (FMC), single units, onlays, multiple unit bridgework, metal substructure for veneer crowns using polymer resins (acrylic & composites), post and cores.


When soldering is required for repair and or construction, use only nickel based or gold based brazing materials such as our Vera Solder or Aalba Gold Solder and the accompanying flux.

Certified Quality System - ISOCCQ