Continum® V

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Continum V... formulated to work best with today’s modern fine- grain porcelains.

Continum V provides a 13.8 coefficient of thermal expansion, a balanced titanium addition, and higher chromium (16%) for improved corrosion resistance. Continum V’s 13.8 coefficient of thermal expansion is optimized for major porcelain brands such as Vita1, Ivoclar’s IPS Classic, as well as other modern fine-grain porcelains.

Continum V is produced with our proprietary continuous casting technology yielding an essentially gas free alloy, unparalleled homogeneity, and precise chemistry. Degassing Continum V is not required, saving you valuable production time.

Its unique titanium enriched formulation enhances porcelain bond, increases porcelain-to-metal retention, and improves oxidation control for a light and resilient oxide. Continum V’s titanium (Ti) acts as an oxygen scavenger, chemically bonding with feldspar (SiO2) and kaolin (K2O), found in all porcelains. Titanium also provides anti-greening properties for more esthetic restorations and Continum V will resist the formation of dark finish lines at the margins.

Use only the best... Continum V.

1Vita mark of Vita Zahnfabrik


Porcelain fused to metal (PFM), single units, long-span multiple unit bridgework, maryland bridge, metal substructure for polymer resins (acrylic & composites), full cast crowns, implant superstructures.


Continum V performs best with traditional fine-grain porcelains: Vita, Ivoclar-Classic, Shofu-Vintage, Duceram, Will-ceram, Finesse, as well as other commercially available fine-grain porcelains.

Certified Quality System - ISOCCQ