Our Quality

Quality doesn’t just happen. At Aalba Dent, our team understands this and works diligently to ensure quality and excellence throughout the organization. Because of this dedication, all of our products carry with them the quality, precision and proven product safety predicated on Aalba Dent’s reputation. Aalba Dent’s commitment to quality control, combined with our proprietary continuous casting technology and the finest raw materials available, is what allows our products to remain the benchmark for base metal casting alloys.



Our stringent quality control process guarantees batch to batch consistency and allows Aalba Dent to deliver the reliability demanded by quality dental laboratories worldwide.

Aalba Dent is in perpetual search of the best ingredients. Our nickel, produced via the carbonyl process, has the lowest metallic impurity content of any commercial nickel. We select premium electrolytic cobalt, high purity chromium, and OFC high-purity copper. Once these exotic ingredients reach Aalba Dent, every element is checked to certify individual purity before entering the process to become Aalba Dent-approved dental alloys.

Products designated with the CCQ mark are certified by Aalba Dent as continuous cast products from our proprietary state-of-the-art continuous casting technology. Products produced from this process exhibit unparalleled homogeneity, precise alloy chemistry and lower gas content.



Our quality management system is ISO 13485 Certified. ISO 13485 specifies requirements for a quality management system where an organization demonstrates the ability to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements.
Scandinavian Institute of Dental Materials

Aalba Dent’s NIOM-Certified materials fulfill the requirements of specific international standards (ISO), further guaranteeing your patient’s safety and satisfaction. The research activities at NIOM are internationally recognized, and the institute collaborates worldwide with research institutes in the field of dentistry, medicine and materials science.



All Aalba Dent alloys and solders are registered and in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Food & Drug (FDA) Cosmetic Act. The act includes requirements for annual registration, listing of devices, good manufacturing practices and labeling. All Aalba Dent restorative devices have been reviewed and approved for marketing clearance by the United States Food and Drug Administration under the requirements of the 1976 Medical Device Amendments Act.